about me

I write.  Novels, short stories, poetry, manifestos for a new world order, shopping lists.

When I can I sell these writings.  To date, nobody has shown the slightest interest in publishing any shopping list I have ever written.  Someday this may change.  Practice makes perfect.

My fiction and poetry appear with modest regularity in a variety of print and on-line venues.  My short stories will be appearing soon in multiple anthologies of a mostly speculative nature.

I currently live in a century-old dwelling in the Pacific Northwest with a variety of whiskery roommates, only one of whom has fewer than four legs.  I’m a full member of Broad Universe and write for The Green Man Review.

I prefer my humor dark and my horror funny and can often be found on or near Littlebird Blue.

Feel free to email me at littlebirdblue@yahoo.com.

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