The Life of an Artifact in Duodecadal Glances


There’s an exquisite pleasure in communing with bees. That’s how I think of gardening as I watch the slow bumble of a black and yellow fuzzpot in his swollen pollen jodhpurs amble in and out of crimson-petaled cups I planted for exactly this…


Go read my interstitial sudden fictions sequence “The Life of an Artifact in Duodecadal Glances” over at Map Literary. This piece is the full version of the segment which was part of my mini-collection We Beautiful Terrible Beasts, a finalist for the Rachel Wetzsteon Chapbook Prize.

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“Redux” in Year’s Best HH


My remurder story “Redux” has been selected for this year’s volume of the Year’s Best Hardcore Horror. This nasty bit of fiction first appeared in 2016 as an original story in the MURDER MAYHEM volume of Flame Tree Press’s Gothic series. Huzzah! for two beautiful appearances for my quite ugly story.

on Amazon: Year’s Best Hardcore Horror Vol. 2

on Amazon: Murder Mayhem

“the monsieur” in the baltimore review

wielki_lester_1904My story “The Monsieur” is live over at The Baltimore Review. Can’t stand between a boy and his dummy…

He’d never held a ventriloquist’s dummy before. It was lighter than he expected. The Monsieur’s clothes were straight out of old French cinema, suited to black and white canal shots with lots of fog: the antique sailor-stripe knit shirt; the miniature wool beret. The red polkadot scarf knotted at the wooden throat brought the term neckerchief to mind. Though the carved wood features—hooked nose, bushy eyebrows, deep-etched lines around the mouth—were clearly those of an old man, Nate had expected the dummy to weigh the same as one of his nephews. Back when he’d lived in his sister’s basement the nephews had been young enough to still want to clamber up onto Nate’s knee. The oldest, only three, would climb into Nate’s lap and stare at Nate’s face with solemn eyes, sucking his thumb while Nate tried to make conversation as he would with someone his own age. So, what are you up to these days? Nate would ask. Seen any good movies lately?

Direct link to “The Monsieur.”

Interview: Those who write us

Patterson–Gimlin_film_frame_352Fellow Those Who Make Us contributor Corey Redekop is hosting a series of intriguing mini-interviews in honor of the release of the aforementioned anthology.

Find out about my story “The Hairy Man.”

Find out why I hope nothing is unique about my wee little monster.

Find out about my favourite and least favourite monsters, because life is, after all, arbitrary and unfair enough as it is.