life sentence in Mslexia Magazine


Just got a note from gorgeous Mslexia that they intend to include in their December issue a one-sentence snip from a current work in progress, a little something I’m calling Notes from the Castle. If I had to title this as a stand-alone piece, I suppose it would be called “My Neighbour the Priest.”

Unlike many of my writings, this actually happened in Real Life. Look for it in December in the Life Sentence section of Mslexia.

“Imaginary Sisters” in Mslexia magazine

Issue69-216x300Very happy to announce my ballerina-slipstream-macabre short “Imaginary Sisters” is out in the UK and around the world as part of the current Monster-themed issue of the feminist lit mag Mslexia. Beautiful cover, beautiful writing in this thing.

Mslexia Issue 69 at the Mslexia site.