“the dead man’s dog” out in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

ahmm_dead mans dog

Very happy to say the January/February 2019 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine includes my story “The Dead Man’s Dog.”

This one features an underworld crime scene cleaner who has trouble connecting with her fellow humans but finds her world changed the day a dead man’s dog unexpectedly follows her home from a job.

Full table of contents here.

“Imaginary Sisters” in Mslexia magazine

Issue69-216x300Very happy to announce my ballerina-slipstream-macabre short “Imaginary Sisters” is out in the UK and around the world as part of the current Monster-themed issue of the feminist lit mag Mslexia. Beautiful cover, beautiful writing in this thing.

Mslexia Issue 69 at the Mslexia site.

“Light as Air and Death” now in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

AHMJan-Feb2013This double issue is perfect to warm up with this winter for readers of all types. In some places, it’s full of action, such as in S. L. Franklin’s “Raptors” (featuring PI R.J. Carr) and John M. Floyd’s “The Long Branch.” In other settings, such as Sanibel Florida, rural New Hampshire, and an upscale Boston jewelry store, the action simmers below the surface (procedural “Museum Man” by William Hallstead; twisty “Small-Town Life” by Brendan DuBois; surprising “Diamond’s Aren’t Forever” by Raymond Goree). If you’re a radio or film buff, you’ll enjoy Michael Mallory’s “White Lotus” and Terence Faherty’s “Margo and the Silver Cane.” And if you’re into science-fiction or fantasy mysteries, you won’t want to miss Jay Carey’s possible-future tale “We Don’t Call It Stolen Property” or Dana Cameron’s “Finals,” which follows some . . . alternative teenagers living in Salem, Massachusetts. The emotional stakes are raised in three tales that particularly explore all sides of human nature: “Light as Air and Death” by Camille Alexa; “Reconciliation” by K. J. Egan; and “The Dog Walkers” by D. A. McGuire.

No matter who is on your gift list this season, the January/February issue is sure to please.

[from the AHMM site]