3 play poems in NOUS Magazine

20170518_081608NOUS is without doubt the most adorable magazine my work has ever appeared in. Seriously adorable, simply the physical object of it.nous 2017-3

My copy arrived from the UK in a tidy collection-worthy packet, complete with wee little sticker and limited edition poster. Billing themselves as the “magazine for mind culture & empathic thinking,” these guys use an artisan printing process and mindful application of vivid interior color.  This thing oozes loving craftsmanship.

Check out NOUS 8, the Play Issue. Includes my poems “played out,” “play me,” and “play time.”


NOUS direct link: nous 2017 -4http://www.nous-magazine.de/play

cover reveal: Those Who Make Us

twmuCover has been revealed for Those Who Make Us, an anthology of Canadian creature, myth, & monster stories including my future Canadiana sasquatch tale “The Hairy Man.”

The Hairy Man showed me his pénis today at the castle and though my maman would not have approved I looked with Great Interest and when he pushed his matted brownish hair back over his man-thing and covered it up again he waited and I knew it was hoped I would return the Favour. I did not…

I pretty much adore this story. Love it for its Edwardian ladies’ digest overtones and its bildungsroman fragile rawness. Happy to say it’s been chosen also to appear in the Exile Literary Quarterly.

Pre-order the anthology here.


full frontal nerdity

There are only a few days left to get in on the incredible Kickstarter action with full frontal geeky goodness in the form of GEEK LOVE, a 200-page, hard-bound, full-color collection of geeky, erotic stories and illustrations, photographs and comics.  This one will include the brand-spanking(!)-new Camille Alexa story “Goodness, Her Tail.”

So many of the Hip Kitties and the Cool Cats are involved in this project, I can’t even list them all.  Meeeeeow!



“Seeds of the Lotus” to appear in Shanghai Steam

At long last! A new Matty and the Mandroid story has been written, set among the Twelve Domed Cities of Mars.  The first two — “The Clone Wrangler’s Bride” and “Droidtown Blues” — are still available online for free-range reading.

This new anthology, SHANGHAI STEAM (a Wuxia/Steampunk mash-up) promises to be Awfully Good Fun.  A full table of contents has been revealed:

  • The Fivefold Proverbs of Zhen Xiaquan – Tim Ford
  • Qin Yun’s Mechanical Dragon and the Cricket Spies  – Amanda Clark
  • Moon-Flame Woman – Laurel Anne Hill
  • Love and Rockets at the Siege of Peking – K. H. Vaughan
  •  The Master and the Guest – Crystal Koo
  • Ming Jie and the Coffee Maker of Doom – Brent Nichols
  • A Hero Faces the Celestial Empire; A Death by Fire is Avenged by Water – Julia A. Rosenthal
  • Riding the Wind – William H. Keith
  • Mistress of the Pearl Dragon – Shen Braun
  • Song of My Heart – Jennifer Rahn
  •  Last Flight of the Lóng Qíshì – Emily Mah
  • Protection from Assassins – Frances Pauli
  • Seeds of the Lotus – Camille Alexa
  • The Ability of Lightness – Tim Reynolds
  • Fire in the Sky – Ray Dean
  • The Legend of Wong Heng Li – Frank Larnerd
  • Flying Devils – Derwin Mak
  • Legend of the Secret Masterpiece – Nick Tramdack
  • Jing Ke Before the Principle of Order – Minsoo Kang