Halloween: An Unlove Story

200 CCs | photo: FunGi

Remember what I did, remember what I was, back on Halloween?The Dead Kennedys

You were so punkrock I was shitting myself for a piece of you. Liberty spikes, kilt over thrashed jeans, and enough steel chain swinging from your studded belt to haul commercial timber up a goddamn cliff…

My teensy tiny 200-word story “Halloween, an Unlove Story” is is up over at 200 CCs. Go check it out, spooksters. Trick and treat.

Over a Narrow Sea

beneath ceaseless skies banner

It looks like my hoof-princess sea-witch warzone story “Over a Narrow Sea” has surfaced from the archives to appear in this week’s issue of Beneath Ceaseless Skies.  Head over there to check it out, or read it directly on the site.