…in which I audio-ize over at 3LBE Magazine

...in which Alex C. Renwick reads Kristi DeMeester's "The Marking" for 3LBE
…in which Alex C. Renwick reads Kristi DeMeester’s “The Marking” for 3LBE

If you enjoy a deep eerie sadness in your dark cosmic fiction and you like free audio, give a listen to my recent reading for Issue #27 of the dark-lit magazine Three Lobed Burning Eye.

And for those so inclined, here’s a direct mp3 link to Alex reading “The Marking” by Kristi DeMeester.

another reading for Toasted Cake podcast

folded paper elephant
folded paper elephant

I’ve just completed  another reading for Toasted Cake audio: “Five Things of Beauty” by Patrick Samphire, originally in print on Strange Horizons.

Once, Vaidwattie had told him, “I can make you anything with twelve folds of paper.” He hadn’t believed her. Prove it,” he had said, but she had just shaken her head and been hurt.

Direct link to the mp3: “Five Things of Beauty” by Patrick Samphire, read by Alex C. Renwick