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    full frontal nerdity
    includes “Goodness, Her Tail”
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    includes "Flaming Marshmallow and Other Deaths"
    includes “Flaming Marshmallow and Other Deaths”
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    includes "Seeds of the Lotus"
    includes “Seeds of the Lotus”
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includes "A Lady's Quick Reference Note on the Tentacle"
includes “A Lady’s Quick Reference Note on the Tentacle”


PUSH OF THE SKY – A collection of short works written as Camille Alexa. Released in print and e-book.

pots-menupush of the sky e-book“Alexa’s impressive debut collection covers a wide variety of subgenres, among which she switches with ease … a welcome new addition to genre fiction.” – Publishers Weekly STARRED REVIEW

  • Endeavour Award finalist
  • official reading selection of the Powell’s Books SF Book Club
  • foreword by the late Jay Lake


as editor

Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories
Canadian Superstories of Heroes & Villains | co-edited with Claude Lalumière

 The Big Click issue 18: Bête NOIR

The Big Click issue 18: Bête NOIR