puppet reviews!

folmanis-octoSo, like, my alter ego Camille Alexa has been busy over at Sleeping Hedgie reviewing puppets. You’ve got your his & her Royals (spoiler: I apparently have a Neighborhood Trolley fetish); you’ve got your adorbs Grunting Piggie (who knew grunting could be so cute?!?); and last but certainly far from least, you’ve got the best Octopus plushie ever. . .

“Lovely Young Losers” out in Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

AHMSEPT2014Hello, all you lovely young. . . things.  The September 2014 issue of Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine is out in the world.  This one contains my short story “Lovely Young Losers,” set against the backdrop of beautifully dreary winter (or autumn or spring — anytime but summer) in Vancouver, BC.  Canadian friends and readers will spot a very American sort of error (wholly my own) in the print version of my story (rectified in the e-version) for which I can only say . . . sorry, y’all.  I spent part of that year in Vancouver, part in Montreal, part in Grenada, part in Austin, and part in Portland.  Chaos reigned. . . or more aptly rained, as in dribbled all over my life in itty bitty droplets fine as Vancouver mist.




Interview of Kat Richardson

Greywalker#1 in Czech!

She was dazzling! She was relaxed and funny, and knew a little bit about everything in the universe. She was definitely *not* a dude. And what a relief! I’d been hanging out with all my shortfic writing friends, most of us nascent in our authorial efforts. I hadn’t realized before, but they — we — were all in this sort of special career-embarkation pressure cooker. Most of my writer pals were striving to make “pro” sales, striving to get into prestigious writing workshops, striving to hook agents. . . striving, striving, striving. That was not my path at the time, nor (it turns out) would it ever be, but it was already exhausting me. And here was a dinnerful of novelists, all of whom had agents and publishers, all of whom were several if not many books in to their careers, and they were just so calm, so nice. And Kat Richardson was the calmest and nicest of them all.

My mini-interview of Kat Richardson is live over at Sleeping Hedgehog.

at Norwescon with Stina Leicht

lastdrinkbirdheadAnd it’s live! My little 3 to 3 interview series for Green Man and the Sleeping Hedgie rolls Rayguns Over Texasonward with a nice bit from author Stina Leicht. Stina has a couple novels out, but also a couple short stories. My subversive little anthologist’s heart prompts me to post beautiful anthology covers like these, both of which contain stories by my interviewee.

Of Stina: “When she was small she wanted to grow up to be like Vincent Price. Unfortunately, there are no basements in Texas — thus, making it difficult to wall up anyone alive under the house.”

Rock on, sweet Texas, rock on.