life sentence in Mslexia Magazine


Just got a note from gorgeous Mslexia that they intend to include in their December issue a one-sentence snip from a current work in progress, a little something I’m calling Notes from the Castle. If I had to title this as a stand-alone piece, I suppose it would be called “My Neighbour the Priest.”

Unlike many of my writings, this actually happened in Real Life. Look for it in December in the Life Sentence section of Mslexia.

Seattle Reading Thursday 6pm!

Hey! I’m reading at Norwescon Thursday April 2 at 6pm-6:25pm. It’s a tough slot. I know this. Anyone attending the reading has already been promised a drink in the bar immediately afterward. We’ll talk about writing, yo.

…and if you see me wandering around, come say hi

quickshot interview: “Three-Step Program”

interview - canadian noir
interview – canadian noir

Cory Redekop is running a swell series of mini interviews asking authors of Exile Edition’s NEW CANADIAN NOIR about their individual stories. It took me two tries, but I finally described my story “Three-Step Program” as my favorite television show:

It was the ultimate unconventional materials challenge but Jimmy knew he had to make it work. One minute you’re in, and the next, you’re out…

… Guess what the show is?

Read the interview in all its hardboiled glory.

Cascade Writers Workshop, July 2015

If you’ve ever had the yen to submit yourself to the crucible of Milford-style workshopping and the waters of intensive writers retreat/workshops, now’s a swell time to consider the Cascade Writers gig just outside of Seattle. Late July is a great month for it – I mean, if you’re ever going to take time away from work, school, or reality, that would be the now. Unlike other workshops, this one is open for all writers of all interests, at all early career stages. Very inclusive, which is a balm to my recovering punk anti-establishment soul. Join Tor editor Claire Eddy, editor Laura Anne Gilman, authors JA Pitts, Shannon Page, Mark Ferrari, Alex C. Renwick (hey-hey!), Everett Maroon, Laura Anne Gilman, and Randy Henderson for a full lineup of workshops, classes, and one-on-one sessions.

jay lake, firing his hair before ii quits | photo by alex c. renwick
jay lake, firing his hair before ii quits | photo by alex c. renwick

jay_haircut jay haircut 2Those interested in joining the workshop (come ask me there about anything you want! pen-names! editing anthologies! the lonely road to poetry! noir! westerns! weird antisocial cross-genre behaviors!) should know about the Jay Lake Memorial Scholarship.

In memory of the ebullience of our friend Jay, here are a couple pics I took of him getting his head shaved down the street from my house in the uberhip Hawthorne strip.