Audio release of “The Green Infinity”


Kudzu has fascinated me (and freaked me out) since I saw a short documentary as a kid, footage of an abandoned farmhouse being completely overtaken by the voracious vine in a matter of weeks.  Thanks to rapid time-lapse techniques and public television, I experienced the event as happening in a matter of minutes — maybe even seconds.  Years later on a road trip across the south I drove through miles of back-country highway shrouded by towering strangled forest, trees dead underneath but giving the semblance of life in a weird kind of vegetal zombification process, a green and vibrant undeath.

Here’s my fiction tribute to this slow-motion strangler of the plant kingdom, now in audio over at new Canadian venture The Centropic Oracle:



phobos 4_deep black seaHappy to say a favorite new story of mine, “Wine-Dark” is out in Phobos Four: Deep Black Sea.

The pond behind the house is a well of flat wet darkness. Ludicrous to call this a house, with its listing gothic turrets and crumbling stone walls. She calls it the castle, which I guess makes it my castle.

The surface of the pond shimmers, ripples catching first pink hints of light almost ready to rub the sky with dawn. I tell my husband I come down every morning to feed the fish. There are no fish.

“Did you eat my fish?” I ask as her otter-sleek head breaks the pond’s black mirror.

I love this story so much, I’ve already started tinkering with a longer tale spun off this scene. Haven’t read the whole issue yet, but the lovely cover is a fantastic complement to “Wine-Dark.”

Phobos Issue Four only $6.99 on amazon: