Reading in Seattle!

Hanging out at Norwescon this weekend outside lovely Seattle, Washington? Would love any and all to join me for my reading Saturday at 1:30 in the Cascade 1 room at the Doubletree hotel.

If you can’t make that but will be around Sunday 10 AM-11 AM , drop by the “Stranger than Fiction”panel to hear me gab with Cat Rambo, Jason Vanhee, Ann Shilling, & Grant T. Riddell in Evergreen rooms 3&4, or catch me discussing Standards of Beauty in Secondary Worlds Sunday 11 AM- noon in Cascade 13 with Rhiannon Held, Nathan Crowder, David J. Peterson, & Sar Surmick.


Podcast Interview: Invaders from Planet 3

An interview is up for the podcast Invaders From Planet 3, in which Robin Shantz probes me about Watership Down, Childhood’s End, A Canticle for Leibowitz, The Bionic Woman, AInvaders_planet3rk II, and the Regencies of Georgette Heyer.

This interview took place in May 2015 in “the lair of bloginhood, located in a sub-aquatic citadel on the floor of the Bay of Fundy.”

Bonus that the lair was equipped with amazing homemade candy, too.

Lost Toys in Downtown Vancouver @ The Railway Club

PlaygroundLostToysBook launch for Exile Editions’ Playground of Lost Toys! ! Come hear me read alongside a handful of other fab writers of eerie toy and game stories at the adorable back room of downtown Vancouver’s The Railway Club, replete with antique carousel horses and a lifesized mermaid. So perfect!

My story, “Between the Branches of the Nine,” is a riff off uncaring ancient Norse gods and the games they play at the expense of mortals and immortals alike, all set in the infinite cosmos between the nine great branches of Yggdrasil. My second sword & sorcery story this year! Crazy… but I love it.

Be there. 7pm. Full bar available (+ nosh!). No cover at the door (just say you’re headed to the back room for the reading).