Fiction: Fat Johnny Little and Salty Salt Sue make a break for the desert

hardly neverSalty Salt Sue met Fat Johnny Little at a card game so hot it burned a girl, the sultry Louisiana night dampening her clothes, making her tingle from the waist down. She sat next to Vinnie DeLuca, who bore a passing resemblance to Dillinger—his pencil moustache and fancy cigar and straight flush minus one—with her knee crooked over the arm of his chair like she could keep her legs anchored solid that way, keep everything from going south. . .

My story “Hardly Never in Vegas” is out today in Nautilus Magazine. Incredible illustrations by Angie Wang.

“Three Times” official today in CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 4

My eensy-weensy backwards-unfolding fable of love and death is out today! “Three Times” officially sees the light of day alongside a bevy of other tales of beauty and strangeness in CLOCKWORK PHOENIX 4.

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Canada $5.07
UK £3.28

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Trade Paperback $15.95 (Discounted at some stores)
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Don’t see it on the shelves at your local store? Ask for it.

If you want to get a signed copy direct from the editor, go here.

Interview at Lobster & Canary


Author and all-round accomplished fellow Daniel A. Rabuzzi chatted me up for his art and lit site, Lobster & Canary. Want to hear about dead pigeons in the freezer? How about which artists, living or dead, I’d have over for dinner? Read to find out.

“A Good Thing and a Right Thing” out now in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine


  My knees are beginning to ache from the cold soaking up out of the lichen-covered rocks.  The rest of the archaeological team is gathering near the tallest remaining ruins, perching their asses on walls a meter thick and a thousand years old to eat peanut butter sandwiches and slurp instant coffee from styrofoam cups.  Between there and here, abandoned digging and sifting tools lie scattered on the moss-green ground, glinting in the hard near-arctic sunlight that passes for summer in Greenland.

  I turn my attention back to the private little square where I kneel, its parameters neatly marked with twine and pegs, tiny flags planted to show the exact location of artifacts already excavated.  I know those pieces so well I can close my eyes and see them, practically smell the millennium-old damp earth hint of rot clinging to their surfaces:  three bits of a badly deteriorated iron staff, a silver amulet the shape of a chair carved from a tree-stump, a typical Freya’s necklace pendant. . . .

  This is a woman’s grave.

Read the rest of “A Good Thing and a Right Thing” in the June 2013 issue of Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, on newsstands now!

Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super Stories is live!

Masked Mosaic: Canadian Super StoriesToday is the official release date of the superamazing superhero / supervillain anthology MASKED MOSAIC: Canadian Super Stories.  Co-editor Claude Lalumière and I are thrilled with this incredible bundle of awesomeness. Over the coming days, Tyche Books will be posting little mini-views Claude and I crafted about every story. I have no idea what Claude wrote about each one, so this is going to be fun — almost as much fun as putting together the anthology itself.

Go. Read. You will not be sorry.

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